Everyone is now doing their job at home and having their classes online too. Even before the COVID-19 first case, the development of technology has increased the demands for online workers, and the advantages of working online are also numerous so many people went on the go. And now that everyone is expected to stay indoors to avoid covid infection, working at home has become more difficult.  


This is why it is important to keep abrupt adjustments to your office at home because, in this way, you are taking a step to keeping your productivity maximum. Here are the tips for home office renovation: 

  1. Replace your windows – window replacement is crucial to have more exposure to sunlight. Research shows that at least 15 minutes of exposure will give you an energy boost as well as lessen eyestrain. Both of these are beneficial not just to your physical body but also to your productivity as well. So, replace those small, cracked windows now. 
  2. Have some personal space – your office at home needs to have a good desk and a comfortable chair: these are the two basic materials you will need to work. When it comes to style and designs, ensure that they fit your liking and they are durable. Consult a professional after taking some time in thinking of your preferred choices. Allow them to help you with your decision.
  3. Personalize your home office – while it is also important to create an environment that boosts your productivity by making sure that your office looks like an office, and not a room, it also helps that you add some paintings, pictures, and decors to your personal space. In this way, you will not feel so stressed out working on deadlines as it will also give you the comfortable vibes that a home provides. 
  4. Ensure to have good lighting – having natural light is important and this is why big buildings have numerous rows of windows in them. As mentioned, they boost your energy and improve your overall well-being that helps a lot in your productivity. Having good quality and bigger windows is one way to ensure natural lighting. When your building does not have direct exposure to natural light, ensure that your artificial lights can do their function. I cannot stress enough the importance of having good lighting in the room. Dimmed environment slows down productivity, so avoid having small lights. 
  5. Store some light food – munching some food increases focus and give you some energy for productivity as well. So, having some eatables in your home offices such as some cookies, biscuits, and chocolates can help you attain that. However, having heavy foods is not advisable. 
  6. Colors are important – similar to lighting, good colors in your home office is also a crucial element that can affect your mood and focus. So, instead of having a boring, plain color scheme, try having that vibrant yet simple color scheme in your office. Take note that this depends on one’s preferences.